Curry Udon

This is a very comforting noodle dish - I love Japanese curry and wanted to try out this version using udon noodles instead of rice. If you want to try it out, here is the recipe!

curry udon ingredients
The ingredients!

This recipe was pretty easy to make and fairly quick. I made my own dashi from scratch which probably added around a half-hour to the cooking time, but I recommend that as homemade dashi is simple to make and is the base for so many Japanese recipes.

dashi stock.
Dashi stock
choppin onions
choppin onions
cookin onions
cookin onions

While it wasn't part of the recipe, I added some peas at the same time I added my ground beef.

adding the beef and peas.
adding the beef and peas
adding the curry bricks
adding curry bricks
curry, incorporated
curry, incorporated

Another thing I did a bit differently from the recipe was that I cooked my udon noodles separately from the broth.

the finished dish
the finished dish.

I recommend this recipe! It's very filling and comforting, especially in the middle of winter.